Song Requests - Emo Night

Emo Night Song Requests

Emo Night songs requests from our community help keep things fresh and interactive! Drop your request below and we’ll try to get it into rotation at our next event. We typically play emo, pop punk, post-hardcore, alternative, metalcore, punk, and some relevant hip hop. Need inspiration? Check out our bands or songs pages!

If it would have sounded good on the Warped Tour, usually it works at Emo Night.

Songs requested before the event have a higher likelihood of making it into the set, though we do accommodate songs requests on the night of the show.

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Below is a list of songs that others are requesting. You can drag these songs up and down to “rank” them. Once you’ve finished ranking the songs, press the “submit” button.

Songs with higher scores are more likely to be played at Emo Night! Songs with lower scores still may be played. We just thought this was a fun feature.

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Drag at least 5 songs up or down. Up is good. Down is bad. 

This isn’t school. We give credit for partially completed work. 

Song requests are not instantly added to the ranking. They are first reviewed for spelling, grammar, and trolling. Winners will be notified via text message on the night of the event. We will send about 2-3 messages each month about upcoming Emo Night events. You can opt out. You shouldn’t though. Come to Emo Night!

  • Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby requested by Lu
  • Lil Lotus - Rooftop dedicated by Chris
  • My chEmical Romance - Famous Last words requested by Bea
  • Youngblud - funeral requested by ZaffLuto
  • What i go to school for by Busted requested by Sam
  • the summer set - chelsea requested by jess
  • Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends requested by Keagen
  • I See Stars- Ten Thousand Feet requested by jake
  • Hot Milk - Candy Coated Lie$ requested by Jerm
  • King for a day - pierce the veil requested by Allison
  • jamie all over-mayday parade dedicated to ethan and dee
  • In her own words- right now requested by Geralyn
  • Criminal - State champs dedicated to Kaitlin
  • Pierce the veil - hell above requested by lisa
  • Machine Gun Kelly - Make Up Sex requested by "Daddy gun kelly"
  • Metro station - shake it requested by Damian
  • Call me when youre sober by Evanescence requested by Sam
  • green eyes - knuckle puck requested by jess
  • Games we play - i hope you’re happy dedicated to "Twin Flames for Life" by Joe
  • downfall of us all -ADTR requested by heide
  • Falling in reverse - fashionably late requested by Dylan
  • set it off - different songs requested by dee
  • From First to last- note to self requested by jake
  • anti-flag - turncoat dedicated to Casey mamula
  • Ice nine kills - stabBing in the dark requested by Storm
  • Funeral Grey - Waterparks requested by Danielle
  • MoTionless in white - slaughterhouse requested by Tyler
  • Taking back sunday cute without the “E” requested by B-Roe
  • Me first-real friends requested by Kaitlin
  • Fit for a king - backbreaker dedicated to the people in the Pit!
  • second and sebring- of mice and men requested by lex
  • cartel - honestly requested by jess
  • breathe carolina - blackout requested by Damian
  • Hawthorne Heights - Ohio is for lovers requested by WOOF!
  • Grayscale - in violet requested by Lisa
  • So sIck by Flyleaf requested by Sam
  • Mayday parade - when I get home youre so dead requested by Sam
  • Fit for a king - backbreaker requested by Storm
  • Capture The crown- You call that a knife? this is a knife! requested by jake
  • Until i wake- self medicated requested by jake
  • the story so far - solo requested by jess
  • AskinG Alexandria- The Final Episode dedicated to the mosh pit homies!
  • worst of them- issues requested by brady
  • FALLING IN reverse- the Drug in Me is You requested by Bun
  • if it means a lot to you-adtr requested by brady